What is it about ?

Our webinars are an opportunity to learn more on a specific subject and interact with us at a fraction of the cost of a private session.

We will choose a specific subject (feel free to make requests on the social medias or via emails), and discuss it live.

You will have the opportunity to interact with us and ask questions.

How does it work ?

Book your “seat” for the webinar and pay via our website.

You will received an email with informations on the webinar. If you have specific questions on the subject we encourage you to email us.

Make sure you connect yourself before the start of the webinar. The length of the webminar will be advertised.

We will start at the specified time, check your timezone, sessions will be advertised in UTC (GMT) time.

Expect 20 to 30 minutes on the specific subject.

A 5 minutes pause to collect your questions.

Questions and answers until the end of the webinar.


When is it ?

Check on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages on a regular basis to learn more about our next webinar.

How much does it cost ?


What’s next ?

Follow us on social media to make sure you are aware of our next webinar.