Current rates are as follow:

        • Councelling or career advice: TBC€ per hour


        • Interview preparation: TBC€ per hour

Two 90 minutes sessions spaced by several day (to allow suffisent home study and preparation) are usually enough. However it might vary depending with the type of Interview.


• Private online groundschool: TBC€ per hour


• Mass online groundschool: 2 or 3 students : TBC€ per hour per student

4 or more students : TBC€ per hour per student


• Online simulator mission or instruction: Depends with the type and length of the mission.

Exemple: Basic fighter manoeuvers on IL-2 Sturmovik.

40 minutes of mission preparation (BFM + Basic manoeuvers groundschool)

20 minutes of Mission Briefing (what we will do, how and when)

45 minutes of simulated mission on IL-2

15 minutes of Debriefing (Leasons learned, what to change for next time, advice on how to improve even more etc…)

Total : 2 hours, but expect about 2h20 minutes of length (from skype to the game, pause etc…)  TBC€


          • Special event: contact us at instructor@fighterpilottraining.com