Private coaching

Get a combat decorated naval aviator as personnal instructor and councelor.

Fighter Pilot Training delivers


  • Military Aviation counseling:

With an Omni-role (All types of missions) naval aviation Instructor background  we can help you thanks to our rare and vast experience.

  • Civilian Aviation counseling:

We are qualified on aircraft from general aviation like Cessna 150 or Extra 200 to a commercial airplane like the brand new Boeing 737MAX.

  • Career counseling :

What options are avaible to you in your current situation? What choices should you make?  How to maximise your chances of achieving your career goals? What are the Major airlines looking for? Are you prepared for your next job interview? How should you behave during the selection and training process in your new job?

  • Airshow counseling :

You are looking for advice or coaching for an airshow performance? We won the “best fixed wing display award” at the 2017 Yeovilton airshow : how can we help?

  • Stress management :

Can you think of anything more stressfull than landing on a boat low on fuel at night after a seven hour combat mission? We learned how to manage stress and so can you!

  • Team work :

Together Each Achieve More. That is how you succeed in a combat mission, this is how we work. Let us pass our knowledge to you.

  • Corporate event :

If are looking for a unusal speaker for a corporate event, look no further.

  • Reach your goals with your team:

Learn about the five steps of our “Lethal” planning method and how it can help you succeed.

  • Simulator event :

You own or rent several aircraft simulators and want a real naval jet instructor to run the show for a special event or customer?

  • Online simulation :

From teaching you online how to operate any type of plane to creating and flying a very complex combat mission as you leader of wingman : the sky is the limit! 


Do not be shy, and shoot us an email or directly book a appointment with us.

We will adapt to your needs, and go above and beyond for you.

We usually like to use skype for our private lessons (groundschool, counceling, simulation flight briefing and debriefing), but if you need something else we will adapt: just let us know via email.

If you want to find out more about “ATÉ” the Fighter Pilot Training CEO who will be taking care of you check our About us page.