When you fly a fighter aircraft you have to be ready for anything.
If you have to fight you have to win. It is as simple as it gets.
As they say in Top Gun : “there are no points for second place”.

Your training costs millions to the taxpayer.
That kind of money is invested in you because when the time come, you will have to be READY, and SUCCEED. Lives depend on it.

How to be ready ?
Train harder,
Train again.
How and where does it start ?
On the ground, learning as much knowledge as possible.

We call it :


Fighter Pilot Training offers you a chance to get a taste of the level of knowledge Fighter pilots and Naval Aviator aquire to be able to rule the sky.

We will give you the keys to understand how military aviation works, how fighter planes are flown and how the missions are conducted.

From preparing the mission,taxing off in bad weather, flying formation, doiing an Air to Ground strike, performing an air to air refueling or even attacking a fleet at sea and recovering on an aircraft carrier at night, we will teach you how it is REALLY done.

That is what we do for a living.

If you like computer simulators, we will even take you with us as an wingman, and we will train you like you have never been trained before.

Check our video to have a taste of what your next afternoon could look like.


Knowledge is power.

If you jump into a fighter aircaft without a precise idea of what you are goiing to do, why and how you are goiing to do it you offer your enemy time to train more efficiently than you.

That should’nt be in your DNA!


Join us for a webminar or a private lessonĀ : it will transform the way you see military aviation!