About us

Fighter Pilot Training  is owned by a former French Naval Aviator, callsign “ATÉ”.

“ATÉ” flew in the French Navy and qualified as an instructor on both the Super Etendard and the Rafale for operations from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.


He served in fronline squadrons during 8 years without interruption and deployed several times.

He took part in combat operations over Irak following the Bataclan terrorist attack in France in 2015 where he received the Cross for military Valour.

With more than 2500 hours of flight time “ATÉ” flew a lot of different types of aircraft: from general aviation Cessna in the Precision Flying World Championship in 2006, to Extra 200 in French national competitions or T45C Goshawk as an exchange Officer with the US NAVY.

2017 French Navy tactical display leader, “ATÉ” flew in airshows around France and in England.

“ATÉ” holds a Bachelor degree in Science of Education.


Now switching from a sucessful military to a civilian career in a Major airline “ATÉ” created Fighter Pilot Training to share his experience as a combat and airshow proven Naval Aviator.

You can contact us at instructor@fighterpilottraining.com